Document Type : Research Paper


1 Alzahra University

2 Allameh Tabatabae'i University

3 Institute for Humanities and Social Studies


The Research Evaluates new media impacts on Iranian mainstream media. It seems that new media in Iran these days deeply effect on mainstream media and even in some cases makes them to lose their functions. This research tries to evaluate new media impacts on Iranian mainstream media’s internal mechanisms and also relations between them with the people and with politic and economic powers. New media impacts on mainstream media and their relations with people were evaluated by qualitative survey methodology. Eventually researcher concluded that new media by themselves did not reduce the mainstream media consumption but the tough controls and lack of professionalism in mainstream media were the critical cause of consumption, trustfulness and influence decline so new media rise only has amplified these consequences. In fact, this study found that people have immigrated to new media because of weak mainstream media but they could not entirely alternate with mainstream media.


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